The diversity of bacterial gut flora decreases as we age. Rejuvenate your microbiome now.

Setting the safety and accessibility standards of modern FMT.

The easiest bodily organ to replace for a younger version.

Microbiome controls the brain through gut-brain axis.

There are more nerve cells in the guts than in the brain. Follow your gut.

Freeze-dried FMT Capsules

What is FMT?

Fecal microbiota transplant (FMT) is a procedure based on transferring gut microbiome, which is the multitude of the microorganisms living in the human guts, from a healthy donor into a recipient. It is currently being tested around the world on many conditions, ranging from gut dysbiosis to weight loss. There are several ways to administer the transplant such as through a naso-gastral tube, colonoscopy and enema. These are invasive methods that carry certain risks such as tissue damage due to tube insertion.

The most advanced and convenient method of receiving FMT is orally through lyophilised capsules. Our complex preparation protocol ensures high microbiome viability and effective engrafment of newcoming probiotic strains. The drying process is based on high vacuum, ultra-low temperature and sublimation of ice to remove any water from the donor's filtered material. The resulting capsules have a long shelf-life, with experiments showing no loss of effectiveness after a year kept in a standard-temperature fridge. The powder-dry microbiome packed into the freeze-dried capsules is highly condensed. Studies have shown that only 2 of the capsules are enough to fully restore a healthy microbiome in recipients.

Our Process

The Donors

The donors are tested according to international and UK standards for FMT, including blood testing and tests for the presence of antibiotic resistant strains. The donors are young, healthy and physically active, to tackle decreasing biodiversity of aging gut flora. In experiments on fish, giving old fish a young fish's microbiome extended their lifespan by over 30%, highlighting how important the newly discovered bodily organ, the microbiome, truly is.

The protocol consists of taking two capsules on an empty stomach on the first day, and another two the next day. While only one dose is effective, the second dose on the second day consolidates the engrafment of the new microbiome. The recipient's gut flora composition will be fluctuating for 1-4 weeks, accommodating the newcoming strains, until homeostasis is reached. Repeat the process according to the need to ensure the maintenance of healthy microbiome.

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FMT in a convenient capsule form

The diversity of bacterial gut flora decreases as we age. Rejuvenate your microbiome now. Microbiome is the easiest organ to replace for a younger one. Gut flora communicates with the brain through gut-brain axis. Younger microbiome translates to younger mind. There are more nerve cells in your guts than in your brain. Follow your gut.

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